Monthly Meet Up: July 11th 5:30pm
Join us July 11th at Oh So Good (25 York Street, Byward Market) for our July Meet Up! Come out and meet some of our board members over delicious desserts and learn more about all that YNPN Ottawa has to offer.

We look forward to seeing you there! 
Update: YNPN Ottawa Annual
General Meeting 2017
We held our Annual General Meeting on June 13th and shared our lessons learned and plans for the upcoming year.

Some highlights included: 
  • We're proud to report that we held three successful executive panels, during which we provided our members the opportunity to meet and network with executives from over twelve organizations. 
  • Our social media reach doubled in the past year. 
  • Our lessons learned include: 
  1. Being a part of a volunteer organization is challenging. Our board members work hard to put together value and create great opportunities for members. Our lesson learned from the past year is to do a couple of things, but do them well and not take on too much as volunteers and individuals. 
  2. Keeping the lines of communication open. Not working alone and creating change together. 
  3. Member engagement. Members are our reason to be and we've learned that we need to offer our members a variety of engagement opportunities to meet our community's needs. Speaking of our member engagement, please complete the survey below, let us know the types of programming you would like to see built into our roster this upcoming fall. We're hard at work planning the next few months and feedback is always welcome and appreciated! 
Our members are our strength! Please help us by
filling out this short membership survey! Thank you! 

Welcome New YNPN Ottawa Board Members!
We are very pleased to welcome four new board members to our team! Akshay Talekar, Alison Sochasky, Ashley Beaupre, and Aislynn Row.
The 9 Principles of Community-Centric
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Role splitting in the nonprofit sector
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